I was a new faculty member at a sort of combination boarding school and prison… I guess a reform school? Anyway, the staff members kept order with the help of two special skills- the ability to fly by emitting propulsive energies from the soles of their feet, and a technique charmingly referred to as the “fingerbang”, a blast of invisible force shot from the fingertip. With the help of one other sympathetic faculty member, I secretly taught the students/inmates these techniques and drilled them until they were equal to the staff themselves. Then I called a meeting and gathered both staff and students in the yard, then had the students demonstrate their skills. “My work here is done. Now it’s up to all of you together to figure out what’s next.” I said, and flew off into the sunset.


~ by oberon the fool on January 6, 2014.

6 Responses to “Reform”

  1. That’s pretty awesome, except that I’d probably knock myself unconscious and drown.

  2. Make a little life vest in your soul.

  3. Some of these have little jets for your hands, too. It’s kind of like being Poseidon. Or Aquaman. I hear he’s gotten a makeover.

    • The foot-propulsion in the dream actually looked similar to this, only smoke instead of water.

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