Disturbations in the Night

At a very posh spa somewhere in Mexico, being attended by a bevy of voluptuous call girls in the hot tub. One of them, Bianca, begs me to help her escape. That night we flee back over the border into Texas. Parched and exhausted from days in the desert, we stumble onto a farmstead occupied by a quaint seeming family, and they take us in, bathe and clothe us, and hear our story over dinner. When we are finished, the father tells a story of his own, about visiting that same spa twenty years earlier to celebrate graduating from high school. The story somehow ends with the revelation that he and Bianca are my parents, a fact that does not seem to distress anyone at the table. They all insist that we are part of the family and should take our place there working the farm. When we decline, they make it clear they won’t take no for an answer, and we have to fend them off with a broken tree branch and a crowbar, maiming several of them in order to escape. As night falls, we wander back into the desert and an uncertain fate, burdened with the possibility that the farmer might have been telling the truth.


~ by oberon the fool on May 7, 2015.

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