The One Thousand and Second Night

Played 1,001 Nights at CSE‘s place in the city last night. Went reasonably well. At least, nobody complained.

Came home to restless sleep and a rightfully miffed tummy- I had abused it so.

Dreamt of playing the game again, but in a space station, a not at all inappropriate variation on the theme. Then I dreamt I was at a Halloween themed concert (or at least the people on stage were in costumes). As the first song was just getting under way, there was a commotion at the back of the stage, and the drummer was suddenly face down, being handcuffed by policemen. The frontman, wearing a suit-and-tails and a full-head skull mask with top hat, stepped to the mic and quipped “Folks, that’s what you call ‘authenticity’.”, referring, I suppose, to the reputation of rock musicians as outlaws and rebels. I think that band decided to wait until things had been straightened out to continue their set, and yielded the stage (which was actually a pit surrounded by risers, like an amphitheater) to the next band, which, after a brief scuffle in the audience over the change of plans, started playing a dead-on rendition of Pretend We’re Dead. It may very well have been L7 themselves, but I was moving through the crowd at this point and could no longer see the stage.

Now I am thinking about a city where the living and the dead share the space- the living by day and the dead by night. Their homes and businesses would be mostly separate, with the exception of the ones which required the cooperation of both. An ancient but uneasy truce between two peoples whose mutual destruction would elsewise be assured.

Until, of course, a stranger comes to the city.


~ by oberon the fool on August 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “The One Thousand and Second Night”

  1. One wishes only, of course, that you would write in this city.

  2. Alas, I am not a writer. I cede the idea to more talented minds… now where would I find some of those, d’y’suppose? =P

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